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Still Planning Your Big Day? Make It Worth It!

People forever keep planning about their big day. Then after a few days they thro0w away the paper and then in a month or two they start planning all over again. This is the main reason why you are behind the schedule. One main thing every groom and every bride should understand is. These are events you cannot plan overnight. Because if it is a high school party. You leave a WhatsApp message in the group and everyone will crash the party, stay over night and leave home when they get sober. But special events like these should be planned in a proper way. Mainly because the set of crowd you are going to invite is just not your colleagues at work or friends since childhood. The list will consist of people from your family and friends of your parents and many more. Thus, maintaining a standard is what is more important. Maybe after most of the guest leave you can have a cray-cray party with your crazy set of friends. But for the time being, organize it so well, so that it will be remembered and will be the talk of the town.

Bridal Attire

Plan from the little things first. Just like they say baby steps. Take the baby steps like googling sites and visiting your marriage planner to suggest good places to order your dress from. Whether you are going to hire it for a rent or buy it for good, is up for you to decide. If you feel like it’s just a waste of money to rent a big dress for a lot of money and just keep it in your closet locked up since you cannot wear it for any other occasion. But if you are just going to go ahead with the idea of renting.  When they make the affordable wedding videography Sydney, request the team to shoot the dress as well from top to bottom, each and every moment. Let it be squeezing your legs into the 6-inch-tall heels or placing the tiara on your head, make sure they capture them as beautiful as possible. Because it is the little things that counts. 

Especially when the groom lifts your veil at the church to put the ring in your finger. It is always a wider idea to provide them a list and show them a few pictures as to how the whole shoot look like. Most professionals, have their own studios where they do the editing. So, if you have the spare time after the big day you can always drop by the put in your suggestions in editing. Since after all it is your day and you got every say in it.

The Day

Yes! when you say the day, it is the bid day we are talking about. By that time, all the little thing should be done, and the focus should mainly shift to the food and welcoming the guests.  When making the wedding cinematography, ask that person doing it to keep some one at the entrance to cover the guests as well. Visit 

Just like most of these glamourous Hollywood events. So that none of these moments are missed out. Apart from that at the entry one cute thing you could do is to give them a token of love. It can be a sweet wrapped nicely in a wooden box or just a brownie in a shinning cover. Give something to the guests at the entrance. By now, you should be done with the planning and now it’s time to make it happen!